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Terms & Conditions of Booking..

Important: Please be aware that there are low flying aircraft, in the event of a crash or incident, the campsite organisers are not liable for any claims of death or injury. Persons entering the fields controlled by the campsite organisers do so at their own risk -including day visitors. Ear protection is recommended.

These booking conditions apply to all bookings made in respect of Totterdown Hill RIAT Air-show camping.

These conditions form part of a contract between you and ourselves.

By making this, you guarantee, and accept, on behalf of your party and all guests staying with you that you and all your guests accept these conditions.

The completion of our on line booking form does not constitute a contract until the pitch is paid for in full.

If you or your party does not arrive on the scheduled date of arrival, you agree that your allocated pitch may be re-let and any deposit will be forfeited.

 In all matters relating to allocating bookings and charging for pitches, our decision will be final. It is not possible to change pitches without our agreement.

All tents and caravans must be pitched as directed by the organisers.

Should you discover a fire, sound the alarm and notify the emergency services if appropriate immediately.

Fire breaks will be left between rows. All fire breaks will be patrolled and must be kept clear.

It is highly recommended that each outfit carries a fire extinguisher and ensures that everyone knows how to operate such equipment.

No open fires are allowed in any area.

Barbeques are ONLY allowed if they are on an appropriate stand and not directly on the grass.

No cooking inside your tent.

No fireworks or chinese lanterns.

All vehicles driving in the campsite area will observe a strict 5mph speed limit.

Do not enter or cross any area marked out of bounds by fencing or hazard tape.

No holes, pits or drainage channels to be dug on the campsite.

Current driving license holders ONLY to drive on the campsite.

Please show care and consideration for everyone on site.

Radios, I-pods, cd players, flashing LED lights as on whip poles etc. must not inconvenience other people on the site.

Generators must be adequately silenced and not cause annoyance to other people and must be shut down by 10.00pm/22:00hrs

Children under the age of 16 are the responsibility of their parents or carers at all times

No drugs on site except for prescribed medication.

Passes must be carried in vehicles at all times and will be subject to checks by Security Staff.

Carry your valuables with you. Any valuables left in accommodation or cars are left at your own risk.

No offroad quads, ATVs, motorbikes, mini-motorbikes or similar vehicles.

Ball games will not be allowed to interfere with other site users

Gazebo and any free standing Awnings to be kept within the pitch

Oversized caravans, tents and motor homes will need to purchase 2 pitches.

Dogs are permitted, a maximum of two dogs per pitch.

Please ensure your dog(s) are wormed. We are a working farm and do not want our animals to become infected.

We reserve the right to refuse certain breeds.

Dogs must be on a lead at all times and must not be left unattended.

We reserve the right to require the owner of any dog considered a nuisance, or affecting the comfort of guests to remove it from the site.

You and all members of your party agree to be responsible for undertaking the removal of all rubbish and waste materials from your pitch and to place such waste in the receptacles provided.

Refunds will only be given on receipt of a cancellation in writing at least 14 days prior to the commencement of the event. Bookings will not be refunded in the event of cancellation or part cancellation of the Air Show.

We reserve the right to require you or any members of your party to leave the site, where any such persons or members of your party breach the terms and conditions.

We reserve the right to refuse admissions to the site and request patrons to vacate at any time.

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